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Driver Booster Free

Driver Booster detects obsolete drivers on your computer and allows you to download and install the latest versions with just one click.

Drivers on your computer – always updated

Updating your drivers means that your hardware will work well and provide better performance. Driver Booster makes this task a lot easier when it comes to updating drivers on your computer.

The software scans all hardware and installed drivers. If some of theThey are outdated, Driver Booster automatically offers updates, installs the installation files, and downloads updates.

With the Booster driver settings, you can schedule regular computer scans (daily, weekly or monthly) to always have the latest drivers.

The driverBooster also includes a feature that allows recovery points before installing drivers. This is a great solution for restoring your PC to preinstalled if you have new driverswill cause failures.

All work done for you

Driver Booster has a very user-friendly interface and easy driver update. All you have to do is etoNazhmite two buttons to find and install updates for drivers: “Overview” and “Update All”. (Note: In Windows, restart your computer. Avast Free Antivirus 12 before the change will apply).

You also have the option to automatically launch ManagerBooster after system startupWindows, do an update with one click. In silent mode, Driver Booster automatically installs drivers in the background without any effort.

Other driver update programs provide a list of configurable drivers but does not help the user who controls the driver best suits his system. With the Booster Controller, the choice is simple, because the software chooses drivers that are compatible with your computer!


If your driversThe driver is outdated and you are looking for a quick fix solution, the driver will be Booster, which works for you simply and efficiently.


Driver Booster Free