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Multi Commander v6

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On our site today was not created a new file exchanger. Suddenly, we decided to download Multi Comander with our project, with a full bulletin board, working with files with tile manager and alternative to the standard.Windows explorer Remember that developers constantly pay the program, after the decision could not be a beautiful and free template, because it is not enough.

PenaltiesThe commander uses support and enough supporting information, there are two panels to work with files. Depending ondevelopers of the program, all you need is work with files that are absolutely comfortable, now you have less time to perform simple operations. Of course, you will have standard manager functions, you can copy, move, rename and perform other operations infiles, that is, the selected files.

Commander has several additional features, for example, automatic packaging files, help to automatically sort, search files, edit records and connect to remote administrators, that is, FTP support. You can view all file typesand images, as well as scripting support for automating many operations. There is a multi-user interface, it’s easy to use, do not start at all, it seems a lot, but very quickly Russian support, therefore, a large number of locations does not understand GenerallyIt’s hard to say that we do not want a program, but a negative one.

Using the tabs you can open the same tabs with several panels, it is always convenient. With built-in caching, files can be faster.
Unlocker 1.9 Multi-command allows you to customize the look of the focus. You can change the colorbackground and other parameters of the main window, add programs to other plugins, you can authorize multiple files, do not forget about the large number of viewers, you can see photos and documents to hear the sound composition.

How to install:

in the direction

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Multi Commander v6