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Minecraft Pre release 1

Pre-release Minecraft is available to anyone who has games on Windows or Mac. This allows you to test upcoming features, as well as to detect root bugs from future official editions.

The future of Minecraft

Minecraft Not the only game that continues to grow, but the developersMojang is always open by allowing users to try out future games. Anyone with Minecraft can easily install pre-messages.

The current pre-release, BountifulUpdate, is a punk of several changes and changes to the game, although there is no big title as the previous one that updates. “Updatingwhich has changed the world “Minecraft made a big change in how the game world was created and, of course, bring horses.

Now it’s easier to use

You really have nothing to lose in trying to get a pre-release for Minecraft if you already have a game. You can easily switch between the official oneseditions and you can not lose it igruspasio you.

To install the pre-release Minecraft, simply download the file. Then, open Minecraft Minecraft and click on the ‘Nev Profile’ button, give them an image image and look for a box that says ‘Enable copies of experimental development’.
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Nothingwhich can not be lost

The initial edition of Minecraft is really a great addition to the official game. It’s a great and great way to see how the game develops.

Good upgrade

The last was Minecraft, The BountifulAwake, adding a lot of new blocks, weak hands on characters, undergroundcellars and more.


To play Minecraft, you must download the license from the developer’s website.


Minecraft Pre release 1