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Most users are familiar with the application of AD-aware, which is ten years old. In version 10, developers Lavasoft jumped antivirus program for a complete antivirus program. In Version 11, it is enhanced and adapted to create a security package that claims to outweigh all othersProducts free anti-virus and anti-malware.

The user interface is simple and intuitive

AD-awareFree antivirus + looks good and wygodnieUproszczonego aspect of Windows 8. The installation is fast but tries to start a scan startup. You can ignore it, if you want, and get itGet a clean interface, which is clearly divided into separate functions on the left, ie at home, scanner, real-time security, network security, network security, application management.

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AD-aware offers wieleSkanowania, which makes things very flexible to access.There are three options for first research, fast, full and personal. Custom options are particularly pleasant, so you can fully customize the scan with easy-to-manage inserts. You can also schedule scans, the need for antivirus scanning moderno.A is particularly fast, butIt can be stopped, it is believed that the performance of the system is slowed down. Lavasoft strengthened the antivirus engine, presenting the winning version of BitDefenderDo 11 Adaware.

Easy to manage mode play more

Other options for AD-aware divídenseen two-way protection settings (top right) and options.Protection settings, you can change the settings to provide real-time preview, although safe browsing can be enabled by people with disabilities, rather than accommodating them. The main options are AD-aware różneUstawienia related to basic services, updating and clarification ofGame mode (although you can quickly switch to the main interface and taskbar).

Serioconcorrente for the big boys

In all impressed with AD-aware added to the BitDefender antivirus package and could not wait to try it over time and see what brought forth future updates. Avast Free Antivirus 17 Download Torrent
In timeWhen this is a solid application with an impressive track record, the sleek interface of Windows 8Z all the basic variants. They still do not trust branded companies like Avast !, Avira and AVG, but it’s a safe queprograma antivirus that account.


Full compatibility with Windows 10

A complete scanThe mechanism Improved secure way upgrade Increased support for Windows XP and Vista minor bug fixes


Ad Aware Free Antivirus